A rich legacy of service, designed with you in mind

Established in 1875 by the London Missionary Society, BotswanaPost is one of the country’s oldest public services.

Since those very early days, when mail was delivered on foot over long distances and harsh terrain, our organisation has been at the centre of communication, commerce and economic inclusion for all Batswana, in every corner of our country.

In 145 years, of course everything has changed. Everything, except our commitment to create value for the communities we serve and our determination to run the business in a sustainable way.

As we execute our mission to provide affordable convenience for you through high quality, diversified postal products and services, three pillars support our sustainability programme: people, planet and profit.

Sustainability means to make life better for you, your family, your friends and whole community. It means to maintain safe workplaces for our staff. And it means employ environmentally friendly practices in our business. 

In short, it is our ability to endure. To stand the test of time.

To do this, we have to put you, the customer, at the centre of everything we do. In recent years, BotswanaPost has taken consistent strides forward. Stepping boldly into the future, we are no longer locked into the role of a traditionalist postal operator.

Today, we now occupy a well established position in the marketplace as a diversified financial service provider, which is the key to our long term vision of profitability and sustainability.

We are leveraging our business on technology and smart partnerships to improve our existing range products and services. In the course of our everyday work, we place a heavy emphasis on your experience with us.

This has helped us gain a close understanding of you. Whether our interaction happens over the counter, or via our digital platforms, we know your expectations have changed forever. 

Today, we can give you far more than brick-and-mortar postal services. An entire range of financial technology services at the tap of a button is what awaits you. In short, you now get even more value and convenience for less money.

All the work that we have been doing in recent years positions us to deliver for you in this moment. We are creating affordable convenience, perfectly tailored to a wide segment of our society. 

Whether you are young, urban and tech-savvy, an entrepreneur in need of solutions for your businesses, or elderly and in need of care and assistance to make life a little easier, you’ll find everything you need right here, on our official website.