Mar 04, 2024
Butterfly of the Thirstland

BotswanaPost is thrilled to announce the release of our first commemorative stamp issue of 2024, 'Butterflies of the Great Thirstland.'

This marks a significant day as BotswanaPost reaffirms its commitment to nature conservation and the depiction of local wildlife. Join us in celebrating the elegance of our surroundings through these stamps, capturing the essence of our dedication to preserving the beauty that surrounds us.

Through our Philately Unit, we transcend traditional postal operations to make a lasting impact. Each stamp tells a story, and with 'Butterflies of the Great Thirstland,' we aim to raise awareness about the delicate ecosystems that surround us. By capturing the vibrant beauty of our natural heritage, we hope to inspire a sense of responsibility for the environment.

The Post takes pride in presenting four distinctive denominations: P1.00, P10.00, P8.00, and P20.00. These stamps, encapsulating the rich diversity of our local wildlife, redefine the notion of mere price tags, preferring the term 'denominations' to underscore their cultural and historical significance.

To acquire these exquisite stamps, one can visit any Post office, strategically located throughout the country. Moreover, we've streamlined accessibility by offering them on our official website,, and the dedicated philately platform

The brochure of the newly released stamp issue can be obtained from