Learn more about our high-performance culture and our commitment to service leadership.

At BotswanaPost, we strive for a positive outlook on life while serving others. We actively seek out ways in which we can be more accountable. More focused. More energetic. More innovative. More generous.

Opportunities to serve the community are all around us. We must be awake. This is how we create affordable convenience for our customers and make their lives better. The power of technology can only be unlocked by creative human beings who are freed and empowered to work where they can make the greatest impact.

Gratitude for our staff is at the core of our human capital philosophy. As this organisation continues to make rapid strides forward, our momentum is built on countless break-of-dawn cross country deliveries, late-night shifts, and overtime away from homes and families. 

We have learned that exceptional results can only come with exceptional effort.

Strong, visionary leaders are the backbone of a high-performance culture. We teach leaders within the organisation to model the behaviour they wish to see, connect meaningfully with their teams on a daily basis and involve staff in the overall direction of the organisation. 

Open communication and feedback are highly valued here. This is how we reinforce positive behaviour.

We are going further. We regularly host strategy and balanced scorecard workshops involving all departments. We facilitate learning and development opportunities for staff at all levels and guide them with performance management protocols that guarantee their success in the workplace. Our people are empowered and engaged. They are open to change and embrace the opportunities that appear in a rapidly evolving business environment like ours.

If you believe that you can take the next step in your career and make a valuable contribution to this unique organisation, please contact us here

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