One nation. One spirit of service.

We take great pride in our role as Botswana’s designated Public Postal Operator. 

Physical mail is a rapidly evolving industry. BotswanaPost offers a range of innovative solutions to save time and money for your business.

Bulk Mail

Bulk Mail service is convenient for companies with large volumes of mail dispatch requirements as part of their normal business or intermittently. There is no need to affix postage stamps or to frank your mail items.

We ensure that our clients can run their operations smoothly and are well geared to grow.

Hybrid Mail

Hybrid mail is a service that is designed for organisations that need to mail large quantities of invoices, statements, and time-sensitive notices. Hybrid Mail is directly lodged electronically from the customers' computer.

Hybrid Mail Services Benefits

  • Reduction in mailing costs – No more printing, folding, inserting, or enveloping.
  • Elimination of mail collection, sorting, and lodgement costs.
  • Shorter delivery time due to direct lodgement to BotswanaPost.
  • Enable both printed and electronic distribution in one process.

Franked Mail

Through BotswanaPost, customers can purchase both franking machines and postage. With this latest technology, your company can purchase postage remotely, monitor postage costs, and improve security.

Benefits of Frank Mail

  • Easier than stamps.
  • The franking machine comes with an automatic scale and prints the correct value of the postage amount on your envelope.
  • Your franking machine can be pre-set with current postage amounts, hence saving you the time required to refer to the Tariff Guide for postage rates.
  • The machine can print personal messages that the company wishes to send to its customers.
  • Franking machines – the professional way to send mail to your customers.

Registered Mail

Registered mail provides a secure and reliable way to send items nationally or internationally with proof of postage and signature on delivery. 

The register should have a postal address on it as it is collected at the Post Office.

Registered mail is stored at the Post Office for a maximum of 30 days and returned to the sender when unclaimed. 

Ordinary Mail

Ordinary mail has no tracking number. The charge is dependent on the size of the envelope and the destination. 

Stamps are used as a form of payment for posting and they can be purchased over the counter at any Post Office. 

Small Packets

They say love comes in many shapes and sizes. So does our parcel service. 

We cover every corner of the country with a parcel service that delivers whatever, wherever.

Small packets offer normal speed mail for items weighing 0.1kg - 2kg.