Mosako Funeral Plan is primarily for individuals who do not get paid their salaries through the banks, that is , the unbanked.  It caters primarily for those in jobs such as domestic workers, bus conductors, herd boys, gardeners, church organizations, industrial workers, individuals in the informal sector, self-employed persons etc. 

The policyholder can cover up to a maximum of 27 family members in a single policy. The main member, Spouse and Children that are 16 years and older may be covered for P15,000. The main member has an option to add a life cover for up to P235 000 and this life cover is available for the main member only.

Mosako is available in our post offices throughout the country. To apply for Mosako funeral plan, visit your nearest Post Office to complete application forms. Upon application customers are issued with membership cards, which they are expected to present every time they pay their premiums. The premium payments can be done over-the-counter at any Post Office.

Mosako Funeral Plan premiums can be paid in our post offices across the country.