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  • Do more with your money through PosoMoney from BotswanaPost the nation’s gold standard in mobile money.
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The only question is, why aren’t you?

  • The beauty of PosoMoney is this: we don’t mind which mobile network you’re currently using. PosoMoney works perfectly regardless of your provider – Any Phone. Any Network.
  • PosoMoney gives our users state-of-the-art security meaning that the integrity of your transactions is always guaranteed and the platform is so simple.
  • You don’t need a smartphone, either. The most basic handset will work just fine, as long as your sim card is active. 
  • You may live in a rural area, or you may not have a bank account yet. None of this matters to us: PosoMoney opens doors for Batswana from all walks of life.
  • To learn even more about setting up PosoMoney on your phone or mobile device, or to become a PosoMoney Agent or Merchant, just click here.