What is Mobile Vend?

A mobile phone solution that uses SMS for the purchase of postal products and services. 

What are the benefits of using Mobile Vend?

  • Mobile Vend offers cheap, fast, and convenient sales tools compared to POS Machines.
  • Reduce the burden of POS Machine costs of sale and maintenance to vendors.
  • Vendors can utilize any mobile phone to use the service.
  • No use of paper receipts, therefore, minimizing costs.
  • Ability to use the service everywhere without the need to be confined in one area.

How do I register for Mobile Vend?

Step 1: Prospective vendor to visit the nearest Post Office. Vendor to bring along; 
•    Certified copy of ID (nationals) or passport (non-citizens)
•    Mobile Device
•    Valid Cell Number
•    Minimum recharge of P100 

The vendor is provided with the registration form to fill which will be used by BotswanaPost as legal records for any enquiry.

Step 2: Upon registration of the vendor, an SMS notification is sent to the vendor.

Step 3: Vendor required to change default pin for security reasons.

Step 4: Vendor training and provided with a copy of the user manual.  

What kind of mobile device do I use to register? 

Any mobile device is appropriate as along as the number is registered, able to send and receive SMSs. 

How do I recharge their account? 

Visit the nearest Post Office and bring along a minimum of P100, registered cell number, and vendor business name. The recharge amount is used for the sale of postal products and services. 

What is the minimum value of prepaid electricity and what are the required customer details for a sale? 

Prepaid electricity minimum purchase is P20. Customer to provide meter number, amount and cell number to receive token details. 

What is the minimum value of airtime and what are the required customer details for a sale?

Airtime minimum purchase of P10. Customer to provide mobile network operator name, amount and cell number to receive token details.  

What do I do in the event that a customer wants receipts as proof of purchase? 

In this scenario, BotswanaPost urges vendors to purchase their own receipt book as BotswanaPost considers SMS notification as proof of receipt for this service and does not provide receipt books.  

Do I get charged for transacting? 

A  standard SMS charge will apply to the vendor. 

What are the service commission fees for a Mobile Vend vendor? 

Commission on sales revenue is allocated according to the product with prepaid electricity at 2%, prepaid airtime at 9%, postal box renewal at 3%, DSTV subscription at 1.5%, and Motshidisi premium payment at 3%. 

How and when is my commission credited to me? 

Immediately after a successful sale, the commission revenue is added to the vendor’s balance. 

Where do I get more information on the service?

Upon successfully registering for the service, a vendor is given a User Guide Manual with all steps and processes. For further information kindly reach our Customer Contact Centre - Tel: (+267) 391 1473 (+267) 393 0629, Toll Free: 0800 33 55 77, Whatsapp & SMS: +267-77537517 or via email: enquiries@botswanapost.co.bw