Dec 16, 2022
Graduate Trainee Photos


As part of its strategic objectives, BotswanaPost endeavours to make a significant contribution towards youth development and employment in the country. This includes accepting students for industrial attachment, research projects and graduate trainee development. BotswanaPost embraces a high-performance culture and offers one of the best graduate development programme locally. The programme aims to develop its candidates into well rounded professionals, who will go on to become the future leaders of the company and the nation at large. It is against this backdrop that we celebrate the successful completion of the most recent Graduate Trainee programme. A Graduate Trainee Celebration was held at the Cresta Lodge, Gaborone on 2nd December 2022 and was graced by the BotswanaPost Board Chairperson - Mr. Nathan Kgabi, BotswanaPost Board Directors – Mr. Goeditswe Gaomodimo and Ms. Boitumelo Gabaake – Kauta, Chief Executive Officer -Mr. Cornelius Ramatlhakwane and management representatives across the organisation as well as local media entities.

During the event, the Human Capital Organizational Effectiveness & Talent General Manager Mr. Seth Masike stated that, “In our recent Graduate Trainee intake, ten (10) candidates were selected to undergo a two-year training Programme that commenced in October 2020. This followed a significant stringent selection process within the IT and Business backgrounds. During their tenure as graduate trainees, they were guided and mentored by the respective functions and management. The Programme concluded on October 2022 with nine (9) Graduate Trainees absorbed into Permanent and pensionable employment”. As one of the trainees left the program to go and further his studies abroad. Mr Masike, further informed attendees that the Programme runs every two (2) years and is expected to have the next intake sometime in the beginning of the year (2023).

BotswanaPost CEO, Mr. Cornelius Ramatlhakwane encouraged the graduates to remain committed to their work highlighting the need to focus and work hard. “The company culture encourages self-drive and its culture slogan of #SMOVE, which translates to smile and move. This slogan calls on employees of BotswanaPost to act with purpose, respect amongst others and to always serve with a smile”. He further went on to expand on the importance of one’s mental health. “A healthy mind is the cornerstone of success thus it is imperative that as one navigates both the work and personal environments, they are in tune with their emotions. We all have a responsibility to present our best selves at work and in all other spaces and this begins with a healthy mind”.

For his remarks, Mr. Nathan Kgabi, BotswanaPost Board Chairman professed “the company’s alignment to the government reset agenda - reflected by the way BotswanaPost has embraced digitalization is key priority. BotswanaPost has demonstrated abidance to this as shown by the number of IT Trainees they enrolled during the last recruitment”. In closing his speech, he encouraged the trainees to embrace the organizational culture, execute the mandate, and help drive the strategic objectives of the company.

One of the former Graduate Trainees Mr. Nteedzi Babotana, expressed his gratitude for the lifetime opportunity that has been placed before them by BotswanaPost. More so following the last two challenging years that saw a freeze in growth for many companies.  “BotswanaPost worked against the tide and recruited several fresh graduates to train, grow, and nurture, and it is for this reason that my colleagues and I are humbled. And we are forever indebted to BotswanaPost,” declared Babotana. We congratulate and wish the new staff members well in their journey as SMOVERS!